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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Memorable November

Looking back to my very last post, it was like two months ago. It was kind of busy those days I guess despite there were still free times to post and i was just too lazy. Well, this November was just too eventful. At first, it was my Masters Graduation Ceremony which falls on the 11th.. Then my family members flew all the way here to attend the ceremony eventually. My seniors had their marriage registration exactly on the day of my graduation. The remaining days no doubt would be travelling with my family.

So, I'm not going to recite every little bit of the days just because of my mental retardation recently. Yea.. try sitting in front of the laptop the whole day and you would probably turn to me, i assure you. I deeply believe that pictures always always do the best talk and me personally agree that 'Pictures worth million words'. Get this phrase from one of the blogs I visited. Ok.. stop crapping and picturesss..

Thanks to my family members for attending.

The aunties gang!

My lovely coursemates.. Congratz..

The vital move that couldn't be missed out by the graduates.

For more pictures, again visit my fb..

Monday, September 28, 2009


It was last Sunday
We, the TARC Buildings' Student
had gathered up with one of our lecturer in college
~ Ar. Wong ~

He was our contract administration's lecturer for 2 sems
He came to visit her daughter who is studying in Uni. of Sheffield
One of my quite senior somehow knew his arrival
and so organised this gathering

Embarrassingly I was not in the list actually
it was one day before when one of my seniors rang me up for a meet
and I get to know the news in the talk..
He then asked me to go
and without hesitation, I'm on.. lol

That lovely evening
about 16 of us turned up
among them.. hehe.. I'm the youngest one.. again..
graduated on 2008...
The three most 'seniors' were graduated on year 2003..
Others were in between...

Well, he can't really recognised me..
familiar faces he said...
It's not surprise anyway since
I'm not the very good nor very bad student
who probably will left a deep impression

I believe everyone had a great evening,
great dinner with Ar. Wong
and I would like to say
Thank You
for being our lecturer
You have been a great teacher..



A very memorable moment indeed !

Sunday, September 27, 2009

the .

That is all..!!
That's all for my 20 years studies non stop
since kindergarten at 4.. til now 23..

Might plan to study something else..
but at least for now
it marked a full stop

Just submitted my project dissertation on Thursday
my final assessment for my Masters..
waiting for the result eventually..
pray for me.. ^^

If everything alright
My convo will be on 11/11, 11am
Can't wait for that!!

Monday, August 10, 2009




Currently struggling with my dissertation
This will probably be my last and ever assignment in my study life
which nailed up a significant turning point in my life
Working hard towards!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the LIFE

I came across my friend's msn PM
stating a link
and eventually I clicked on it

Basically it is a short film competition
organised by BMW which is well known by its luxury cars
"BMW SHORTIES" this is the competition's name
Shorties simply means short film I guess and not a person who's short.. lol
So if I'm not mistaken, this year is their third year they having this
The feedback from 2 years back was good
as it provides a platform for young people who is interested in making film
to show their master piece

Currently, this competition has reached the stage of Top 9
Some of the shorties that I have given my vote to are shown below
They simply caught my attention and I thought they were just meaningful
Great work!!
You can get others on the link stated above
Give a vote for the one you like to show your support
Hope you enjoy it!!

The theme for this year is

Conversation with Mad Man from brandon loh on Vimeo.

7 from Jimmy Lim on Vimeo.

FLASHES from Prakash M. on Vimeo.