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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Memorable November

Looking back to my very last post, it was like two months ago. It was kind of busy those days I guess despite there were still free times to post and i was just too lazy. Well, this November was just too eventful. At first, it was my Masters Graduation Ceremony which falls on the 11th.. Then my family members flew all the way here to attend the ceremony eventually. My seniors had their marriage registration exactly on the day of my graduation. The remaining days no doubt would be travelling with my family.

So, I'm not going to recite every little bit of the days just because of my mental retardation recently. Yea.. try sitting in front of the laptop the whole day and you would probably turn to me, i assure you. I deeply believe that pictures always always do the best talk and me personally agree that 'Pictures worth million words'. Get this phrase from one of the blogs I visited. Ok.. stop crapping and picturesss..

Thanks to my family members for attending.

The aunties gang!

My lovely coursemates.. Congratz..

The vital move that couldn't be missed out by the graduates.

For more pictures, again visit my fb..

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